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Mike's 19th birthday!!!

Hey guys...well as some of you may know it is Mike's birthday on the 26th of April. Which happens to be next Monday.
So Stephanie(the vicepresident) and I were thinking that maybe to start off his fan club we could send him a card for his birthday. I will go out and get the card, so don't worry about that.Another idea Stephanie had(she is just full of great ideas!) is that each one of you write a note to him, and we can put it into the card. If you can't, we will still sign love your fan club, but if you can that would be great!!! So if you guys would like to write a note to him then IM me at SoLastSummer305 and I will give you my address so we can put it into the card, and if not I am sure you could send him your own card or call or text him. Maybe all three! He is turning the bug 1-9 so let's help him make it memorable!!!

<3 Carli
(Mike Richards Fan Club President)
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